School-Based Training Programs

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For Students

GRASP (Growth, Resilience, Acknowledgement, Suicide Awareness, Prevention and Personal Planning)

GRASP is a fun and interactive gatekeeper training program for students Grades 8 to 12 interested in learning skills to be effective peer helpers. We cover self-awareness, communication, healthy relationships, boundary setting, community resources, suicide awareness, and how to access help for others.

COPE (Communication, Options, Perspective, Enjoy Life)

COPE is facilitated to students in Grades 5 to 7. The principles of mindfulness help students achieve better mental wellness and to cope with various issues,

Speak Out, Reach Out, Help Out - UNPLUGGED

Speak Out, Reach Out, Help Out takes on an exciting new format with a shorter, 45-minute TED Talk style presentation with the same important message: Speak Out if students are in emotional distress or worried about someone else, Reach Out for help and support, and Help Out by encouraging others to do the same. There are versions of SOROHO for both elementary and high school students.

Please note that GRASP and COPE can be facilitated on-site at schools or in a virtual environment. Speak Out Reach Out Help Out can only be facilitated on-site at schools.

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For Teachers and School Staff


A three- to four-hour program for Professional Development Days: Suicide alertness training that teaches school personnel to recognize Warning Signs for suicide and activate appropriate response based on school district protocols.

Please note that safeTALK can be facilitated at your location or at our Training Centre.

We acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia for Community Education programming

Please also see list of private donors.

Our school programs are facilitated by Lyndsay Wells. For further information, call 250-753-2495, toll free at 1-877-753-2495, or email

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