Resource Policy

The Vancouver Island Resource Database is intended as a reference source.

The online directory is not all inclusive. The following policy outlines the criteria used for including an agency in our resource database and the standards by which these decisions are made.

Inclusion Criteria for the Vancouver Island Resource Database

  1. Nonprofit agencies providing community services.
  2. Federal, provincial, regional, and municipal government services.
  3. Support groups.
  4. Publicly funded health care providers, including hospitals and residential care facilities.
  5. Groups performing system advocacy regarding issues and causes.
  6. Occupational organizations, especially those in the community service fields.
  7. Member organizations, such as churches and service clubs, offering free or low-cost services beyond their own membership.
  8. Services located outside BC:
    1. Federal, provincial, regional, and municipal government crisis and emergency services;
    2. Organizations providing service across BC. Service must be accessible locally, through toll-free phone numbers and/or internet access.
  9. For-profit companies:
    1. Providing free or low-cost services to clients; or
    2. Contracted by a government agency to provide free or low-cost services to clients.


If the Vancouver Island Crisis Society decides not to include an agency or program in its database, the agency has the right to appeal this decision through the following protocol:

  1. Consultation with the Office Manager.
  2. If still unresolved, contact the Executive Director, in writing, to challenge the exclusion.

The fact that an agency is listed in the database does not imply that the society approves or recommends the service provided by that agency and conversely the exclusion of an agency from the database does not imply any disapproval.