Promotional Materials

Vancouver Island Crisis Line and Crisis Chat/Text Materials

Shopping Criteria for Non-Profit and For-Profit Agencies

As a non-profit entity, you are provided with promotional materials at no charge. Materials can be distributed and/or displayed by your agency or group, school or school district, administrative office, clinic, counselling office, outreach services, or community centre. Please call us at 1-877-753-2495 (250-753-2495 in the Nanaimo area) or email us at to place your order. We request that you state items and quantities for each when placing your order via email or voicemail. Thank you.

Please note: These promotional materials are graciously funded by Island Health and distributed to community partners in an effort to support Vancouver Islanders. Unfortunately, there are limited amounts and for-profit agencies will be asked for a small fee when ordering cards or rack cards. Please access the VICS Shop to place your order via PayPal.

Posters are available free of charge to everyone.

VICL Line Cards – two-sided

VICL Rack Cards – two-sided


VICL Poster


Crisis Chat / Crisis Text Cards

Crisis Chat Card.pr11.cdr

Crisis Chat Poster

Crisis Chat Poster.pr11.cdr

Crisis Text Poster (Option 1)

Crisis Chat Poster.pr11.cdr

Crisis Text Poster (Option 2)

Crisis Chat Poster.pr11.cdr

Youth Line Card


Youth Poster


Vancouver Island Crisis Society Magnet Card

Online Community Resource
Database Card

VICL resource dir card 2014pr15