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Smile and the world smiles with you!

Help former Vancouver Island Crisis Society volunteer, Karen Karsten, raise funds for the Society!

Karen is selling the popular Weddingstar smile mask, which is three-ply and features ear loops and a metal nose pinch. It is super-comfortable and durable. The cost is $12 per mask, of which $4.00 is donated to the Crisis Society. Postage is charged at $1.50 for the first mask and $0.50 for each additional mask in the same order. Please email Karen at to place your order and to arrange to pay her via e-transfer.

What a difference a smile makes! Thank you, Karen! 😊❤

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And here's our TV commercial!

Thank you to the team members at Island Radio
for all their support and help! ❤️

These folks have also kindly helped us promote
upcoming Crisis Line Volunteer training sessions.

The Jim Pattison Broadcast Group is all about community and is dedicated to making their radio stations the voices of the cities they serve. Their philosophy is simple: Local, Local, Local. By working with organizations like ours, they further their mandate in a very relevant way. The Vancouver Island Crisis Society is grateful for the continued support provided by the Jim Pattison Broadcast Group. Lives are saved because of this important message being broadcast to our communities.