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In honour of International Survivors of Suicide Day (November 23, 2019)

Vancouver Island Crisis Society - Supporting the Resilience of Suicide Survivors

Supporting the Resilience of Suicide Loss Survivors

The Vancouver Island Crisis Society is offering an informative two-hour workshop that will explore the physiological, emotional and spiritual aspects of suicide loss and the impacts of loneliness, isolation, stigma, and bereavement on our emotional and physical health. Join us in Courtenay, Victoria, or Nanaimo in November for this comprehensive presentation.

The wonderful folks at Mambo Gourmet Pizza have chosen once to raise funds for the Vancouver Island Crisis Society. Always strong believers in community, their ever-popular t-shirts have been grabbed up by their many clients and fans, Thank you to the gang at Mambo Gourmet Pizza! ❤️

The amazing team at Wanderlust Tattoo Co. in Parksville worked tirelessly on a Sunday, no less, to raise funds for the Crisis Society. Four talented artists provided 60 fans and supporters with tattoos over a 12-hour period. We are very thankful for their efforts and are impressed by their work ethic! ❤️

The Vancouver Crisis Society was once again honoured by Odd Fellows Columbia Lodge 2 in Victoria on September 4, 2019,  with a formal presentation of a cheque of the funds they raised at their annual Disc Golf Tournament this year. Emily Post, Community Awareness Coordinator, and Elizabeth Newcombe, Executive Director of the Crisis Society were presented with the cheque by Dave Pettenuzzo, Valerie Charron from Odd Fellows Bastion #4, and Jonathan Noorgard and many other members. We recognize and appreciate the Odd Fellows' fundraising efforts and their support of our youth suicide prevention initiatives. ❤️

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The first of two radio commercials for 2019 has been released:

Thank you to the team at Island Radio for all their support and help! ❤️

The Jim Pattison Broadcast Group is all about community and is dedicated to making their radio stations the voices of the cities they serve. Their philosophy is simple: Local, Local, Local. By working with organizations like ours, they further their mandate in a very relevant way. The Vancouver Island Crisis Society is grateful for the continued support provided by the Jim Pattison Broadcast Group. Lives are saved because of this important message being broadcast to our communities.