Crisis, Compassion, and Boundary Setting

According to renowned trauma expert and author, Dr. Gabor Mate, one of the most difficult things about helping people in crisis is that our own despair can get in the way of good intentions. We worry that we’re not doing enough, that we’re not helping, or that the person is not changing or taking what we see as appropriate action towards their own wellness. We see a better path and are left frustrated when those we try to help don’t want to take it. Some of us sense that a boundary needs setting, but instead of doing so, we take on more than we should, or become complacent because setting a boundary feels frightening or uncomfortable.

Crisis, Compassion, and Boundary Setting is a research-driven, trauma-informed workshop that takes the unique approach of highlighting the positive impact reflective practice, and a commitment to continued personal growth and self-care have on combatting compassion fatigue, burn out, and despair.

In this three-hour workshop we will learn:

  • The continuum of professional behaviour
  • Connection and relational engagement
  • How do we help someone who is difficult to connect with?
  • The neurophysiology of empathy
  • What to do when we feel like we’re not “getting anywhere” with a client
  • The Crisis-Oriented Client
  • Setting and Maintaining professional and personal boundaries
  • Self-Reflection, Mindful Practice, and Self-Care

If you are interested in having us present Crisis, Compassion, and Boundary Setting, please contact us at 250-753-2495, toll free at 1-877-753-2495, or via email at Please include preferred dates and an estimate of how many attendees from your agency or business would participate. Thank you.

Please note that this customizable, three-hour workshop can be facilitated on our premises, at your location, or in a virtual environment.


Fee: $1000; Fee for nonprofit agencies: $750
Maximum Number of Participants: 24; Mininum: 8


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