CLAW 2021 Workshop


In honour of Crisis Line Awareness Week — March 22 to 26, 2021

Filling Up Our Resilience Tanks:
Recognizing and Reducing Underlying Tensions in Our Daily Lives

In this dynamic one-hour presentation, participants will learn how to identify underlying tensions in themselves and others in order to strengthen their own mental wellness.

The workshop interweaves story telling, humour, and compassion with the most current research on resilience, coping, and mental wellness. Filling Up Our Resilience Tanks promises to be an inspiring and informative presentation.

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Read our media release about Crisis Line Awareness Week 2021: VICS Crisis Services’ interaction numbers exceed previous year’s record-setting rates during COVID-19 pandemic.



Date: April 15, 2021
Time: 11:00 am to 12 noon
Cost: FREE
Donations welcome

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