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A fun tournament fundraises for the Crisis Society!

Odd Fellows Columbia Lodge No. 2 presented its first annual Odd Fellows Disc Golf Jamboree on June 10, 2017. These folks are donating all profits to the Vancouver Island Crisis Society. We warmly thank the lodge members for their kindness and generosity!

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“You are enough.”

“Hang in there, you’re doing great.”

“You are not failing; in fact, you are amazing.”

What words would you offer to a brand new mother?

The Pacific Post Partum Support Society supports mothers or parents throughout British Columbia who may be feeling overwhelmed or distressed or experiencing postpartum depression or anxiety.

97% of Canadians Use Mobile Phones At Home
Canada Leads the World in Internet Usage
The Vancouver Island Crisis Line is an emergency service and statistics show that reaching out to talk to someone in a time of crisis can prevent thoughts of suicide from becoming actions. This service saves lives daily and it should be a priority that it is available to all, no matter the age or the vicinity. Many of our community partners report that their clients only have the ability to communicate via text due to financial strain or isolation. We hope that you will consider adding the Vancouver Island Crisis Society to your list of donation recipients so that we can sustain our Crisis Chat and Crisis Text services. Please donate via! Thank you!


The above video describes our 2016 campaign.

Profound Learning Experiences Await!

Check out our Calendar for the latest listing of volunteer training and community workshops offered by the Vancouver Island Crisis Society.

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The GRASP student who authored this poem has faced the challenges of feeling unsupported in life. GRASP can provide the means to support and create change for those feeling alone. Find out about GRASP (Growth, Resilience, Acknowledgement, Suicide Awareness, Prevention and Personal Planning).

The Jim Pattison Broadcast Group is all about community and is dedicated to making their radio stations the voices of the cities they serve. Their philosophy is simple: Local, Local, Local. By working with organizations like ours, they further their mandate in a very relevant way. The Vancouver Island Crisis Society is grateful for the continued support provided by the Jim Pattison Broadcast Group. Lives are saved because of this important message being broadcast to our communities.